Conference on Rule of Law for Human Rights in the ASEAN region

HRRC will host a Conference on Rule of Law for Human Rights in the ASEAN region and launch its first publication on the Baseline Study on Rule of Law for Human Rights in ASEAN Region. This study scrutinizes the implementation of rule of law in each ASEAN member state, including how it defines and interpret the ‘rule of law’ and its relationship with ‘good governance’ and ‘human rights’.

The Study involves a team of 10 researchers from 9 different ASEAN countries and a Project leader which compiles wide range of secondary sources including surveys on the opinions of experts and the general public, information from the police, courts, prisons, and other institutions, NGO reports, and legislations. These sources lead to an academic analysis on the overall stage of rule of law implementation, which results in an understanding of ASEAN conceptions of the Rule of Law. This Study also serves as a baseline for future studies that would produce recommendations for effective evaluation, empirical research and more effective measures for fully implementing the commitment of the ASEAN charter.

The Conference will take place in Jakarta, 30 April 2011 and will involve a plenary session on the overall observation on the Rule of Law Implementation in ASEAN region, and three parallel break out session discussing each specific country. For further information on the registration of the conference please contact Fitria Chairani: