Summer Institute 2019 “ASEAN: The State of Rules-based Development”

The Summer Institute will be held over 1.5 days from 26-27 October in Jakarta.

The first day will be focused on providing training to the participants, including discussions on strengthening the rule of law and what needs to be done at the national level to help ASEAN economic integration and improve good governance in building the political and social pillars (APSC, ASCC).

The second day will be a half-day conference which will focus on presenting the current state of ASEAN cooperation. There will also be discussions with the participants to raise awareness of ASEAN community building and role in regional and international affairs.

The intended participants for the conference are:
a. Experts and members of academia;
b. Students of multi-disciplinary background from ASEAN institutions of higher
learning including the respective ASEAN Studies Centres; and
c. Relevant policy officials and stakeholders from ASEAN Member States.

Summer Institute 2019 will focus on ASEAN’s journey over the past 10 years since the ASEAN Charter came into force. More specifically, it will consider how far ASEAN has been transforming itself into the “rules-based” regional organisation as envisaged by the Charter and spelled out in more programmatically specific fashion in “ASEAN 2025: Forging Ahead Together,” which encompasses the current blueprints for the three pillars of the ASEAN Community.

The overarching objective of this Summer Institute is to provide a platform for stakeholders to meet and exchange views on keeping up the momentum to realise the ASEAN Community Vision 2025. Together, they will discuss the rule of law and explore possible mechanisms for the different sectors to pull together to advance good governance and the rule of law, thereby facilitating advancement of human rights as embodied in ASEAN agreements and in the relevant legislation and policy of ASEAN Member States while trade and investment in the region continue to flourish.

Another objective is to start a conversation on digital developments and the rule of law in ASEAN community building. What rules are needed, and how should the courts of Member States manage cyber and digital challenges and innovation-driven business environment in the region? Each ASEAN participant in the Summer Institute will also have an opportunity to share their thoughts on this issue and explore how and what can be done to strengthen cooperation across a digitalised ASEAN.