Switzerland Supports HRRCA’s Rule of Law Study

Jakarta, October 25 – The Human Rights Resource Centre for ASEAN (HRRCA), which has just been launched on the 19th of October, has received a financial contribution from the
Embassy of Switzerland in Indonesia to carry out the HRRCA’s study on rule of law in the ASEAN region.

The rule of law study is the first research project of the HRRCA carried out by a team of legal experts from renowned academic institutions all across ASEAN. The aim is to prepare a
baseline study containing an analysis on the understanding and interpretation of the principle of rule of law as referred to in Article 1(7) of the ASEAN Charter. The baseline study will
serve to identify where rule of law capacity building would be most appropriate and needed and it will recommend strategies for developing and implementing such programmes with
national and regional institutions. The complete report will be presented at a conference planned for March 2011.

The HRRCA collaborates with a dense academic network of partner and affiliated institutions. Current partner institutions include the University of Indonesia, Ateneo University
School of Law (Philippines), the University of Malaya (Malaysia), the Law School of the National University of Singapore, the Law School of the Singapore Management University
and the Pannasastra University of Cambodia. The Islamic University of Indonesia, is the HRRCA’s first affiliate institution. Through collaboration with these partner and affiliated
university-based institutions across ASEAN, the HRRCA’s research, training, and capacity building projects will contribute to the development of human rights throughout the region.

For background and more information please contact Rully Sandra at rullysandra@gmail.com.

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