BHR Reporting and Assurance Frameworks Initiative (“RAFI”): 2nd Consultation Meeting with Civil Society

Shift, Mazars, and HRRC, will be holding a civil society consultation meeting on the 18th of November at the Room Tiara 3, Level 3, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia.

There are a growing number of international regulatory and other requirements for companies to report on their human rights performance, including in Indonesia. This has raised the question of what good reporting on company alignment with the UN Guiding Principles, as well as good assurance of such reports, should involve. Thus, Shift and Mazars, in liaison with the Human Rights Resource Centre for ASEAN, launched “RAFI,” a global, consultative initiative to develop public reporting and assurance frameworks based on the UN Guiding Principles.

The team held a consultative meeting with civil society in Jakarta in June of this year. The primary purpose of this second consultative meeting is to consult on the team’s work to date, and to also get inputs and insights on the project’s direction and where it should go. It forms part of a series of meetings the project team will be conducting in Jakarta and Bangkok that week to engage with a number of stakeholders from throughout ASEAN.

Please visit our web portal for more information on RAFI.