Mazars and Shift, in liaison with HRRC, Issue Response to Submissions on the Global Reporting and Assurance Standards Discussion Paper

Jakarta, 30 July 2013 — Mazars and Shift, together with the Human Rights Resource Centre, issued a response to comments received on their 1 May Discussion Paper, which details the development of public, global standards for reporting and assuring company alignment with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. The Discussion Paper has received over 30 sets of comments to date, including submissions from individuals, organizations and associations that collectively represent thousands of members.

The 13-page response seeks to: (i) offer a number of clarifications about the project in general; (ii) summarize themes arising across the comments received; (iii) provide preliminary responses from the project team to some of the substantive issues raised; and (iv) highlight issues for on-going discussion and debate as part of the project’s consultation process. The response will continue to be reviewed and updated as further comments are received and the project continues to evolve.

The period for reactions to the Discussion Paper has been extended to 1 September to enable further inputs from stakeholders. To comment on the discussion paper, please send your submission to Comments which have been made available publicly can be accessed here.

Click the link to download the project team’s response to submissions as at July 2013.