The Human Rights Resource Centre has a partnership network currently spanning universities in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Viet Nam. We are actively looking for more partners in these countries, as well as in Brunei, Myanmar, and Lao PDR and welcome hearing from you if you fit the partnership profile.

In addition to partnering with academic institutions within ASEAN, the Centre is also building partnerships with human rights centres in North America and Europe. Additionally, we are engaged as consultants to conduct research for both national human rights institutions and the ASEAN Human Rights Bodies on an ongoing basis.

The strength of the HRRC rests in the work undertaken by its researchers based throughout the region and abroad.

Partner Institutions

Affiliated Institution

uii_logoIslamic University of Indonesia

Supports and Contributions

HRRC functions to support the development of human rights in Southeast Asia with generous contributions from the following: