SHIFT and MAZARs, together with the HRRC, Launch Reports from Experts Consultations in London, New York and Jakarta for RAFI

Jakarta/New York, 15 January 2014 — The Reporting and Assurance Frameworks Initiative (RAFI) held expert multi-stakeholder consultations in London, New York and Jakarta in October and November 2013.  The consultations addressed some of the key overarching challenges and opportunities for RAFI, a project that aims to develop a twin set of public frameworks for companies to report on how they meet their responsibility to respect human rights, and to have this report assured by an external party.

A cross-section of individuals participated in each consultation, from companies, trade unions, non-governmental organizations, government, audit and assurance providers, investors, and academia.  All participants took part in their personal capacities and not on behalf of their organizations.  The consultation was held under the Chatham House Rule in order to stimulate open and frank conversation.

The reports of each of the three consultations are published below.  They are intended to capture key issues and themes raised in the course of each meeting, as a basis for continuing public discussion.  They do not seek to draw conclusions.  The project team is reviewing the various points of convergence and divergence that arose in the consultations and conducting some additional research and analysis based on a number of issues and suggestions raised.  It will publish some suggested next steps for RAFI in the coming weeks, as a basis for further discussion with stakeholders.