2015 Summer Institute: Preventing Slavery & Trafficking in Persons in ASEAN

The HRRC will be holding the 8th Summer Institute in International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, on the theme “Preventing Slavery & Trafficking in Persons in ASEAN.” The Summer Institute is scheduled for 11-13 August 2015 (with an optional program on 14 August), and will be held in Bali, Indonesia.

This year’s Summer Institute will focus on trafficking in persons and its links to bonded labour, migrant labour and slavery, keeping in mind Goal 8 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to ensure decent work for all. Drawing upon key experts from academia, civil society, government and the private sector, the goal of the conference will be to consider new and innovative approaches to considering the issue, in light of the immense strides taken in the prevention and punishment of trafficking in persons over the past two decades in ASEAN.